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Volgas racen op Circuit Zandvoort, zónder racelicentie of enorme budgetten maar mét spektakel, veel lol en een auto van maximaal 500 euro. Dát is de Junkyardrace. Op vrijdag 19 april kun je de teams in actie zien, en dat is een absolute aanrader. Tijdens de endurance race is spektakel gegarandeerd, want de enthousiaste teams gaan vaak voluit voor urenlang raceplezier. Op de racedag beginnen de tests om half elf, de Junkyardrace zelf gaat rond 12 uur van start en om zes uur ’s avonds valt de finishvlag.

Trackday Ford Puma RS

The poor man ’s Lotus Elise

Ford Puma Trackday Car

This Puma started life as a bog standard grey 1.7 Bought whilst working on another Puma. Came with lots of stuff Decided to turn it into a race ready (fia spec) trackday car. Could not have been done without the help of our friends at Garage Total Care.

List of modifications

    • FIA Spec rolla cage
    • FIA Spec bucketseates and harnesses
    • Sierra Cosworth Brake callipers / 280 mm discs
    • Rear discbrakes conversion
    • Ford Racing Puma inlet and modeo throttle body
    • Ford Racing Puma spec cams
    • 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
    • Remus rear silencer
    • AP Coilovers
    • Powerflex bushings
    • Rieger strut braces upper/lower and back

Hope to see you soon at the track

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Ford Puma Trackday Car

Citroen Xsara VTS (Junkyardracer/Trackday car)


Citroën Sport began competing in rallying with the Xsara Kit Car. Equipped with a 2L engine developing 280 hp more than 8 000 rpm, this car started competing in the French Rally Championship in 1998. At the wheel, Philippe Bugalski won drivers titles in 1998 and 1999, and Sébastien Loeb won the driver title in 2001.

This regular 2.0 Litre Xsara VTS Coupe was an Hommage to the that very car.

Unfortunaly it was crashed during a Junkyardrace. Currently rebuild.


  • 2.0 liter
  • 163 hp
  • 190 nm
  • 1165 kg

Done by [BELUKU]:

  • FIA Spec Rollcage
  • FIA Spec (adjustable) seats
  • FIA Spec 6 point harness
  • Citroen hommage livery



Citroen Xsara VTS (Junkyardracer/Trackday car)